“Snowmobiling is More Then a Sport, it’s a Way of Life”
For generations we have enjoyed and respected the places we ride. We take pride in being good stewards of the land, but there are those who misinterpret us and our sport. They work tirelessly to defeat us and to diminish the sport of snowmobiling.TLSC WP_Home 2 We are here to educate and inform the public of the greatness of snowmobiling.

The Ten Lakes Snowmobile Club (TLSC) is a Montana non-profit organization. We are a volunteer and membership driven organization committed to protecting and advancing the general welfare and safety of the sport of recreational snowmobiling and other winter activities. Including: trail grooming, preservation of forest access, sponsored events, safety forums and training, and general outdoor recreationTLSC WP_Home 3

Pray for Snow